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how was the water first available on the earth? Answered


It is widely accepted in the science community that water was brought to Earth by comets (which are mostly made of ice). Discoveries in recent years also suggest that some asteroids contain ice also.


By studying the ratios of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in "native" water and the water of comets, it seems that most of our water has always been here, collecting along with the dust and gases of the early Solar System, five and a half billion years ago.

Subsequent tectonic and volcanic activity released the water as gas and vapour, which condensed and fell as rain.

Fun fact; the early oceans were probably a mix of fresh and brackish, barely salty at all until proper rivers and aquifers got going.

So Salt = NaCl was a pre-rain native mineral in residence on this planet.

And there was enough quantity to salt the seven seas ?

Or was Salt chemically combined or broken down some how during the planetary molten era ?

Pretty much - NaCl isn't the only mineral dissolved in the sea, just one of the most plentiful.

from streams, rivers, ponds, springs, lakes, creeks, and of course the various oceans and seas, although both of those were and are pretty well undrinkable (although still water).


2 years ago

Another possibility is that it happened in a very large explosion when they were using hydrogen as rocket fuel and the reaction got a little out of control.

And one more -- the water is the left over result of the previous owners setting off hydrogen nuclear bombs, something that the current residents were were afraid might happen when they set off the first bombs and some thought it would set the atmosphere on fire with no hope of putting it out .


2 years ago

Most of it is the result of a gigantic (by our scale) alien super tanker that had an overflow when they all flushed the toilets at the same time. "Wow captain I am sure glad we don't have to clean that spill up." "Silence !!! , It never happened, it was just a random memory fraction left over from the party!" And thus Washington DC was born.

Your question made me wonder so I looked it up online and according to the Creation for kids website:


God had to create the earth. To begin with He created the stuff which makes up the earth, and lots and lots of water. God created all this material, and everything else too, from nothing. How could that be? Well, God simply commanded it all to come into being, and it did. His Word is so powerful that this was all that was needed.

It is open to debate but one theory is that comets brought the first water to Earth.

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, add a little Oxygen and some electricity and pretty soom you will have water. Another Theory.


2 years ago

Ice balls from the Oort cloud rained down on our planet.

It was here in the beginning before we arrived.