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how would I either make LEDS Blink or a circuit that would turn on the LEDS in my pickups when I strummed my guitar? Answered

What will I have to do to make this happen?


As lemonie and mathews suggest: an amplifier circuit is necessary to switch the higher current necessary for the leds - it can be a directly linked with an amplifier transistor circuit or mosfet - or indirectly with an led colour organ sourced with a small electret microphone.

Hook the LEDS to some kind of Darlington Pair switch activated from the pickups and power off batteries perhaps?


A MOSFET may be better as it can be easily configured to have a higher input impedance than a bi-polar transistor. Then with the signal from this, you could control the LED, or send it to some logic to control the LEDs.

Perhaps so, I was only thinking of what I've got. L