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how would i create strobe lighting with and "emergency Exit" sign Answered

how would i go about making the emergency flood lights on an "emergency exit" sign w/ battery pack, strobe or flash with 110V power supply? any suggestions. thanks


What I've done is purchased a 12V fire alarm strobe unit, just the strobe, and placed it inside, and connected the 12V wires to the exit sign with a switch.

The power supply in that is all that is 120v. The lamp is run off of 12VDC from the battery and charger. You could add a flasher inline with the 12VDC lamp easily enough.

. If the lamps pull enough current, you could use a turn-signal flasher from a car. . As LV pointed out, it's mostly 12VDC in there. The circuit board is a just a "built-in wall wart" for charging the battery, with a few extra components to turn on (and test) the light.

I think the best way is the flasher from a car. If you need the pin outs, let me know, and I'll get you the website.
Most flashers won't work if there isn't enough current draw. Also, make sure you ARE NOT using thermal flashers. Those are a pain . Best thing is the mechanical ones, that make a clicking sound, and are square/boxy. They usually have 3-4 prongs.

great input, thank you guys! I'll let you know how it turned out and when i get this done I'll write an INSTRUCTABLES one this topic for all to reference. thanks again!

Easiest method might be to rip out the inside and stick a cheap strobe light in there. Otherwise, you could add a time, I think. There might be some more mechanical options.