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how would i inconspicuously sound proof my door? Answered

i need to sound proof a door however it needs to be quite minimalistic and effective any ideas?




Best Answer 8 years ago

Get a piece of shag carpet and trim it to fit the door.  Hang it on the door on the inside.  It will muffle the sound thru the door quiet a bit.  If you let it touch the floor it will quite the sound that is getting under the door. 

To hide the fact that is sound insulation, use velcro hooks to hang notes, posters, photos etc. on the door.

If you can get carpet on both sides you will have a much quieter door.

I agree with Re-design’s answer. To get better soundproofing you can glue a layer of Mass Loaded Vinyl with Quiet glue to both the sides of the door and make sure you seal all the gaps with weatherstrip i.e. around the door frame.
Probably this link will help

Or if you have budget go for seriouswindow.

Perhaps not quite what you are needing, as it doesn't actually involve the door, but if you have lots of soft furnishings in the room it will reduce the amount of sound getting to the door in the first place. Carpet on the floor, drapes/curtains, tapestries, sofas or fabric covered chairs, rough or soft wall coverings will all help.

If it is a interior hollow door you could get some spray foam insulation and fill the hollow part with it.  It could be done with small holes drilled in it and then patch the holes.  A slight problem could be the foam expands too much then you may have a warpped side on your door.  Just a thought.

It would take a lot of holes. Every hollow core door I've ever seen has a honeycomb made of cardboard inside to prevent the door skin from flexing.

... Yeah. Tried it and discovered that. (Some old hollow-core doors may be constructed differently.)

I've been in the construction industry for better than 40 years and I have never seen nor heard of a hollow core door that didn't have either a lattice style or honeycomb stiffener of some sort sandwiched inside.

Well I never knew that thanks.  I was thinking just drilling in the top and putting a hose in to the bottom and pulling up as you spray.  But if they are layered like you say, kinda shoots down that idea.  Oh well just another reason why I love this site.  I learn something everyday.

They sell low expansion foam in cans now. It's made for just such uses as this.

Weatherstrip every inch around the door frame.  Not only will it prevent air from passing through (thereby decreasing direct sound radiation) but it will also dampen vibrations from the door itself.


8 years ago

Put a towel bar near the top of the door and drape a folded blanket or quilt over bar so it hangs nearly to the floor