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how would i make an electromagnetic switch for the camcorder zoom? Answered

Hi, lots of new camcorders no longer come with an old fashioned remote, but sometimes only with a wifi option. I would like to have/make a switch that sits on top of the camcorder to hold the zoom control temporarily in the right (telemode) or left (wide mode) position, basically what you do if you are using your fingers on the camcorder. Wired would be fine, old fashioned remote controlled even better.
Your ideas would be very appreciated.
BTW camcorder is Panasonic V520 and a Canon Legria sf200


You'll need a servo and controller to pull that off. It's not going to be a very small addition. A micro controller and either a wired button or IR receiver will work.

Thanks for your reply. called in at a large electronic bits supplier and a guy there, also adviced for a servo and where to get one. So I am putting that together (cost for servo, controller, 2x1.5mtr cable and battery box came to £30 apart from box to put it in). In your reply you said micro controller (I presume that is what I've got: power in one side, 3 output connectors the other side and a twist knob on top abt 30x30mmsquare, 7mm high. How or where would i fit an IR receiver, which presumably makes things controllable with something akin to tv remote?

What you REALLY want I suppose is a simple box, with a wifi interface to the phone, but buttons on the front ?