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how would you make a weedeater exhaust sound deeper and more seperated? Answered

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. Doing one usually makes the other worse. Poking holes in the baffles will give "more seperated" sound, but usually brings the pitch up a little (pops instead of a rumble). A larger expansion chamber will deepen the sound, but the impulses start to disappear.

thanks but if i was to drill holes in the exhaust would where would i want to do that??

You could have a very big expansion chamber with a light sprung valve as a big cap on the end but it might just whump. Plus you'd stall the engine or choke it out if it's two stroke.

. Where the holes would go depends on how the muffler is designed.

o.k thanks also one last question, how would know if it over heated?

. If you mean the engine: The only way I know to tell without disassembling the engine is to listen for a knock/rattle coming from inside while it's running. . If you mean the muffler: I've never heard of an overheated weedeater muffler.