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how would you measure the force that something exerts? Answered


Assuming you are talking about simple push or pull

for a falling body you can use F=ma taking acceleration is 9.8m/s2 to get a near by answer

for a push in any direction you can use any type of scale

for a force exerted by vehicle you can see speed of vehicle at different points to get accelaration(a)=speed2-speed1/time taken in change of speed and put value of a in F=ma

What kind of "something", what is it exerting force upon, and what kind of force?

(Pressure/vacuum? Tension/traction/torsion? Gravitational? Magnetic? Electric? Jedi?)

The answer depends on what you're actually trying to measure.

You are kind of vague on exactly what your application is, but one easy way would be to use a scale.

If the force is pushing, arrange to have the force applied to a suitably sized scale like a food scale, bathroom scale, ect, depending on how large the force is.

If the force is pulling, use a fish scale. These are usually a spring scale with a hook that you hand the fish on.


7 years ago

Force equals Mass times acceleration. F=MA

Depends how much force, and how its exerted. You can do it electronically with a "force sensor", or you can measure how much a spring is deflected by the force - that's just two methods that springs to mind.