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how would you recommend making a cone out of plexiglass, about 2 inches in hight and 3/2 inches in diameter? Answered

im trying to make a glowing led cone, but i am not sure on how to go making the cone out of plexiglass. is there a way to form one? with a flat piece of plexiglass that is.



9 years ago

Same way you make a cone out of paper. Heat the plexi so you can bend it, and join the edges with epoxy.


Answer 9 years ago

The only precaution is about the heat. You'll want to heat it slowly and avoid direct heat sources such as a heat gun, which will cause the 'glass to bubble or burn. If it's fairly thin, you can boil it in water. It sounds like a small piece, so this could work. If not I would place foil on top and bottom and stick in an oven and slowly heat it until it's pliable, depending on the thickness.