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huge aquarium Answered

I was looking at this huge fish tank at a music club in seattle. it was huge, and it looked awesome. it was alt water and looked like something you'd find in the ocean. well, I wanted to do something like this. any Ideas for making a really big fish tank really cheap? I was thinking on the lines of plastic personally...


Lextone is correct with writing: There is no "cheap" way to do a large tank. But not only is there no way to do both BIG and CHEAP, the words "salt water fish tank" and "cheap" can not be used legally in the same sentence LOL

They are a LOT of work, and must be kept balanced (minerals, pH, etc) or the fish begin to die.....the fish need to be balanced too or you will have all the carnivores eating all the other fish, etc...make sure you are REALLY serious before investing in a Salt Water system.


10 years ago

Acrylic is reasonably difficult to work with, and pretty expensive. The materials alone for my new 300 gallon tank cost $1500, which includes three 4x8 sheets of 1/2" and one 4x8 sheet of 3/4". Add in a few hundred dollars of misc materials, plus the $400 to make a plywood and 2x4 stand, plus the cost of filtration and lighting. Pretty soon you are talking real money. That isn't to say that it is impossible, but as the previous posters noted, be aware of the water pressure, because the consequences of failure in a large tank are fairly serious.

hmm. I must have a short attention span. I'm already bored with the concept of a fish tank. maybe this is why they say to wait before buying something at the store.

There is no "cheap" way to do a large tank. By large tank I mean anything over 20 gallons. BUT....a really cool setup can be constructed from thick tempered safety glass. You better be handy at cutting glass. You need good square cuts at the corners. You can get the sealer at any aquarium or boating store. It is a marine grade silicone.

If you are going to pursue this figure the weight of the volume by cubic inch=0.036 lbs ( cubic cm = 1 gram for our metric friends).

After construction and before filling it, make sure the tank is level. Check the tanks level at the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full. Shim it if needed. If it is not level it can blow out the low side or even fall over.

Yes...like LasVegas said, remember that large aquariums are under tremendous pressure, and that you have to design accordingly. Now, if you wanted to be REALLY cool, build a walk-through aquarium!

Acrylic would work, but you'd need it thick enough to hold the pressure. You'd need the specs to do the math. The nice thing about acrylic is that it's easily fused making sealing the tank much more effective.