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human chipping? Answered

I know think I am considered to be crazey, but I know what was done to me....I need something that will detect a chip in my body, and something to block it
I know that that there are detectors...but I dont know which one is good and I dont have alot of money to spend.
I was told to block it with metal..or copper...I used copper roofing sheidling( I dont think that worked...there are companies selling pants for rfid but you dont know if your getting the right info....or is there a fraud


What does this chip do ? How do you charge its batteries ? It has to have batteries. Have you noticed the antenna sticking out of somewhere.

I am planning on having my time travel recall device built into a titanium hip replacement so it won't be found if they do a scan of me. And also I can't lose it like all the rest of those lost travelers have done. Just whack myself in butt to activate it and I am on my way home, where ever that may be.

Sorry, but titanium will show up in an MRI. You would have to use this pure silicon/hydrogen devices from 24th century (easy to get for a time traveller). They will be activated by a kick in the family jewels (aka. crotch). Call me, if you need a hand, .. errr, .. a foot, I mean..

The best way to detect foreign material in the body is probably with a full body MRI. Doctors will be able to see every peculiarity in your body and a metal chip would probably be glaringly obvious due to the artefacts they cause in MRI machines.

Some hospitals even offer free full body scans in the hopes that people will assume that every little thing the scan shows is a life threatening illness that needs treatment...

The only thing human chipping is used for is to store emergency medical information, unless you did it yourself.

Lets just play devil's advocate for a moment and say you were chipped, with nefarious intentions. Sub-dermal RFID chips are passive. They don't have their own power supply so they can not broadcast anything. Not your information, not your location, not your thoughts. The only way they can be read is with a special reader being scanned a few cm above the tag so even if you were chipped all you have to do is don't let someone with a scanner get a couple of cm away from the chip location.

I've HEARD of it being used for security system activation and document security, but I'm not sure that that's not apocryphal.


The chip is from home again your owners have had it implanted inbetween your shoulder blades so in the event you get lost and end up in a pound you will be scanned (every pound/shelter has a scanner) and returned to your owners.
relax, there are like millions of dogs and cats with the same chip as you in the united states.

I never knew of a pet wearing pants. you will look very silly indeed.

Cease worrying, unless you concerned to this it didn't happen . Your more than likely not that important.

Live your life and stop worrying.


5 years ago

I used to follow Art Bell and the kingdom of Nie.

A simple X-ray will show such a chip in you body
But because it is smaller then a rib bone and is almost impossible
to see when shadowed by bone, the x-ray needs to be rotated
very much as an expensive MRI to ketch the chip un-shadowed
by bone only soft tissue.

Metal screens will RF ( Radio Frequency ) ID ( Identification ) chips
You can make a screen Faraday screen around your bed blocking
any chip inside cage while you sleep and frustrate micro manipulation
from afar.
If you know where the chip is ( like a neck area ) a scarf with nu-metal
nickel-iron alloy foil in between pretty fabric will block RF.



This happened to me before also!!!. You can see my youtube video about what happened. The story is on youtube and it is titled "The F.B.I. --- 666 injector tool" . It is the one by "1framistan" here is the youtube link. It's ok to be a little bit crazy... happens to us all.