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hwo do you telnet from behind a firewall? Answered

does anybody know how to telnet from behind a firewall?



11 years ago

Why? This isn't a place for discussing hacking... if that is what you are doing...

I don't quite understand your question, however you may find the answer on a hacking site, even if that is not your intent.

There is a game called Nethack, its not about hacking!, that is either played by downloading, or on a public server, such as alt.org, that you have to telnet to logon to the server to use. I am simply looking for instruction on how to telnet at school, but the problem is I cant telnet at school because of a fire wall

I KNOW IT IS NOT ABOUT HACKING!! I am just saying, you would probably find a resource on that on a hacking site, because it CAN be used in hacking ;-)