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hybrid go kart? Answered

we r making hybrid go kart with 1 hp motor for hybrid go kart challenge
which battery pack will be good choice
1.Lead acid
2.Ni metal hydride
because of cost constraint we can't use li ion
so if u know any other good batteries with low cost plz tell
150 amps initial current
energy efficient



Having read the spec for your contest - I repeat that your biggest enemy will be weight.

6.5 miles is a very small distance you need to travel so you overall machine needs to be very light.

You will get better and more accurate answers if you tell the whole story or at least guide the reader to the documents that define the rules your working to.

You'll want to use SLAs. Don't use car battereis. Go out and get ones desinged for Golf Carts.

that we had used last year

can u tell me what is the approx. price of Ni MH battery

You need to look at the battery technologies in question and weigh the pros and cons.

Most standard 12V golf cart batteries are rated at around 100Ah. They will cost between $150 and $200 USD per battery so you'll need 4 of them. A 12V NiMH battery packs are rated at about 10Ah. They run about $100 a pack. It will take 40 of those batteries wired in series and parallel to match the 4 golf cart SLAs. While the NiMH cost significantly more they will weigh less. You can also run into problems keeping all those battery packs evenly charged.

NiMH: http://www.batteryjunction.com/12v10nibapaf.html?g...

SLA: http://www.ecomelectronics.com/prodinfo.phtml?id=3...

Lead acid - ideally sealed batteries so if you tip they won't spill.

Low cost isn't really going to work. Car batteries cost what they cost, look after them and they will last a long time. Do not discharge below 11 volts.

Build a VERY light car - see below - if you want to travel a good distance.