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hydrongen gas for cars? Answered

What will be the basic equipment I need to put together to test hydrogen gas on my vehicle? Where does the hydrogen mixes with the gasoline?


Forget it ! The concept is nice, but : Not effective, dangerous, complicated and finally ruins your motor. 1-The on board hydrolyzer sucks power from the car battery which additionally loads your alternator giving an extra load on the motor itself which sucks more gasoline to supply that additional need. 2- The hydrolyzer is a bomb by itself.. carrying it around in your car is not a cool idea, it needs to be perfectly designed and needs some second stage security like a fireback arrester or a bubbler .. "more complications" 3- Burning hydroxy with gasoline will confuse your car's oxygen sensor and will give u a nightmare to bypass this problem "if u ever will" , u will need to design an external electronic circuit, disconnect your oxygen sensor and plug this circuit instead to fool your car's computer of false oxygen readings. 4- Least but not last.. You will ruin your car's engine: The hydrogen molecules are so tiny , once they enter the pistons chamber they leak through the O-rings of the piston itself into the outer casing of the motor mixing with the oil in either the form of hydrogen or water, in both cases they will damage your motor.

The easiest way to introduce hydrogen gas to the intake system is through a small port at the base of the intake manifold.Fuel injected engines are easier to adapt because of the closed circuit fuel system. Hydrogen gas conversions have been experimented with for many years now,the most difficult thing about using hydrogen gas as a fuel for a car is the fuel tank(storage system)which has to be incredibly strong and therefore heavy and bulky. But using small amounts of hydrogen as an additive via a small on board Hydrolyzer (makes hydrogen gas by electrolysis)which is powered by the cars alternator has been touted by many on the internet as the way to go. I have not had the chance to experiment myself with these systems,but i have researched for many years on these systems,all i can say from experience with alternative fuels is: be ready to do some fancy custom work to your Fuel and Ignition system,hydrogen in particular because it ignites at a different rate than Gasoline. Also be ready for the big letdown,since not many fuels can compete with the raw power of gasoline.