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hydroponics and aquaponics article? abouth 2 3 years old? Answered

before my computer went south i had an article where this group built a sustainabe hydroponic and aquaculter in an african country it showed how they made a hydroponic and aquaponic for the local people   I THOUGHT THE ARTICLE WAS SAFE BUT COMPUTER THOUGHT OTHERWISE   i would like to return to the site if anyone has the adress on their computer  [they grew vegetables fruit and fish in an enclosed green house  they used plastic barrels   cut in half   to grow veggies in    thank you   toni  [afpuli2002@yahoo.com]


you might try google with barrel ponics

Did you try a Google search for "sustainable hydroponics in Africa"? The first hit should get you what you're looking for.

From one of the top links, and unrelated to Africa, but " NASA is able to provide all the nutritional needs of a human being from 30 square metres of growing space"

THAT I'd like to see. That's the area of the room I'm sitting in. Steve

Do you mean Instructables as "this group" ?