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hyper drive? Answered

is it possable can i bulid one just a thought maybe plasma jet engines



7 years ago

Watch more Mythbusters and less Star Wars.

I concur. Also, I suggest reading Michio Kaku's book, "Physics of the Impossible" if you want to understand why not.

No, not currently. Hyperspace is a mind experiment at this point, and although an intriguing idea, indeed may turn out to be nothing more than that.

And although we don't have large enough power sources at this time, conventional propulsion using nuclear reactors *could be used to send spacecraft to other stars at sub light speed and yet reach them in "reasonable" amounts of time. One need only deliver a continuous acceleration for an extended period of time. Really, you don't have to have hyper drives and warp drives to get places.

If we had waited for the airplane to go places, we'd all still be huddling around stinky peat fires in leaky huts.

Hey, don't say bad things about where I live. It only leaks when it rains.

I'd think you'd be highly concerned about flooding right about now, not just a leaky roof. (And where in the hell are you getting peat? Coal I'd believe...)

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thanks evry one

Hyperdrives are strictly plot devices at this point.... in other words, they're a cheat which we've all agreed to accept because we need them in order to tell the stories we want to tell. The only theories which suggest that such a thing _might_ be possible are so far untestable.

(Some day, I really do want to invent something with the acronym p. l. o. t., just because I want a real-world PLOT device.)

Well, in the context of propulsion systems, how about a back-pack style jet or compressed-air device which keeps the air flow at low Reynolds number? Wait for it...

A Personal Laminar Operation Thruster.

No, hyperdrive is not possible. A plasma rocket, or ion engine (not a "jet") is both possible and already in use on a number of spacecraft. It produces very low thrust, but can do so for a long time.


Oh to heck with it

"When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong."

Luckily, I'm neither distinguished nor elderly (yet), so Clarke's Law is inapplicable :-)

I wondered where the "wiggle room" would be ;-)


Yes spot-on with plasma jet engines. You see them on Ebayoccasionally but they ain't that cheap when you do.


Buy a decent book on origami, and then apply the principles to spacetime.


7 years ago

That is all still in the realm of theoretical physics. And even then the theories are pretty sparse.

If you mean a spaceship propulsion system that can achieve super-luminal velocities then no, we have no currently valid theories that can achieve it with technology we possess, or can foresee possessing in the future.