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i Need a decent camcorder with a professional look? Answered

i am looking all over the place and can't find an Over the shoulder camcorder under $1000.
definition doesn't need to be HD but an external mic input would be nice.

i need a camera that looks like you know what you're doing because it feels awkward asking people questions with a dinky HD cam.

if over the shoulder isn't possible anything big would be nice. anything would be nice but SD or HDD would be nice.


A panasonic Lumix will do the job. You can record with a mic attached to it or record sound appart. I have a Lumix which records really good quality. It was under 1000 dollars.

Perhaps some of the newer dslr cameras with video might work.

nah, then t looks like im taking pictures. that would be even more awkward

Hey, they use em in 24 episodes and they're cheap(er).
If you dont go that way, hop on ebay or craigslist, there is bound to be some there.


8 years ago

Does this work?


haha a bit too vintage. making a housing for the hd camera sounds like a good idea though

How about faking it?
Mount the dinky HD cam in a box, cover with a black weatherproof jacket, mount a fake mic on it... mmm not really working for me.

Buy a 2nd hand old and big camera, strip the insides and fit the dinky HD inside?


lol, also, hold up an old mop for one of those big microphones.

Should get some attention!

Well yes, something like anyway - they won't look too hard at the actual equipment. It's visual presentation / impact.