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i am going to build an electric vehicle so here is my question what things are to be considered? Answered

 I am going to make an electric vehicle so my question is that how to calculate cost per unit,cost per mile for an electric vehicle? and ways to overcome weight issues so that when a person sits on the vehicle, the speed does not reduce or less.  I am asking this because i want to make a vehicle that will cover many miles with less battery efficiently.
I hope that everyone understands that what i am trying to ask


YOU have a LOT of reading and research to do.

Light means longer battery performance.

How far do you need to go

How fast do you need to go

How many people do you need to carry

what sort of budget do you expect to spend.

Cost per mile is minute - a few $ a week to run.

cost to build realistically in excess of $3000 as a minimum.

Many miles with low battery use? Wouldn't everyone like to do that!. Flat ground, slow speeds, no traffic and ultra light weight.


This car cost in total over 3 years around £1500

It weighs about 80 pounds without driver and batteries

The drivers weighed under 80 pounds

It would do 30 Mph for 2 hours using 2 car batteries

Made from aluminium square section tube

Motor 500 watts - 20 amps at 24 volts

Made by a bunch of kid - and a few adults.

in fact we made 3 cars in total using ply wood, steel and aluminium but this was by far the most successful.

Yes i can thanks i was looking for this type of project. cheap, fast and efficient ;)

cheap, fast and efficient are triametrically opposed

its like TANFL.....

BTW I wonder why no one mentioned Re-generation ? ?

That's why I used a VW with the 4 speed manual transmission for reabsorbing some of the momentum energy.

An electric machine machine generates better at higher RPM..

Now, A story .. of before Flatland ;

Some time ago electric car people would live on mountain tops and put much rock weight in their eCars and regenerate down to the valley then dispose of the rock and drive back up empty at days end.

These actions in time flattened the mountains, the hills and bumps of the world.

Yaseen you sound as though, you do not drive a car.


4 years ago

I have an electric VW frame using deep discharge golf cart batteries, the 4 speed gear box and a method of switching 6 batteries in parallel at 12VDC ... TO 3 parallel in series with 3 parallel at 24VDC ... TO 2 batteries in parallel in series with 2 parallel in series with 2 parallel at 36VDC....

And it was never possible to calculate the range.

Initially I traveled a 26 mile round trip to work recharging batteries overnight.

On the third day I ran out of battery and needed a 4mile tow home.

After that I had to recharge at work to make it home.

My point is calculations based on battery choice, vehicle weight and motor efficiency were easy peasy to travel back and fourth to work and home.

I was free ..... never using gasoline again.

Ha ! my vehicle was battery limited in three days !!! :-(

So i cannot calculate the time limit that how much an EV can travel. Right?

You can but the values for travel are entirely dependent on the how the battery chooses to behave over the dis-charge / re-charge cycles and that is not supplied by the battery manufacturer.

Also much dependent on the terrain flat or hilly makes a big difference and also the driver and their driving style.

We found that the boost and coast method gave us the best mileages from a battery - set 2 limits upper and lower speed. When you reach the lower turn on the motor flat out - accelerate until you reach the upper limit and then return the motor off and coast down to the lower limit.

At one point we planned a microprocessor system to do this automatically but it didn't hit the track.

@rickharris any example or article about boost and coast method . thanks btw

In my opinion, the best for you is to buy a cheap car (maybe with a blown engine) and replace its engine with an electric one. There is also an instructable for that: