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i am looking for a way to create a fps-like head mounted display. Answered

i have read looked at alot of the hmd's on this site, but none of them do anything more than show what you can already see without them. i want to build/buy (preferably build) a hmd with a compass, gps guiding system, battery life, ect. i know its alot, but i think it would be cool and useful in alot of cases.


Without a mil-spec HUD, you'll really struggle for resolution to do what you want in the field available. There ARE direct retina writing systems in development....but personally, I'd wait a number of years before I tried one on my retina thank you very much.

These often just use off the shelf components and then a hip/backpack computer to add the info to the field of view. Simplest is a small display that adds to, not replaces the full vision ability of the wearer. More complex involves replacing the wearer's incoming vision with the feed from one or many head mounted cameras and processing the video signal with an overlay including the info you want. They do already exist, but they're upwards of 10-250,000 dollars EACH. The military uses them.