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i am looking for wood subsitute Answered

I would to mke chest or bed sitters from a product that can be handle like wood but is not wood. i have wood making tools but i love the tress. i am also interested in recycle wood what we throw way i use and resale as i own a store geared towards green living. i recycle clothes in to quits and wood back into useable funiture.



Best Answer 7 years ago

There is nothing wrong with using modern wood for building. Most if not all of the trees used for lumber is farmed now. As it's cut it's replanted and harvested when mature.

There are restrictions on importing woods from endangered forests. 

There is no perfect substitute for wood.  There are several products that have limited uses.  It all depends on your project.

Give us a project that you would like to do and maybe we can give you specific substitutes.

There is no reason to waste wood but there is no reason to not use wood for projects that fit the purpose.

Well, maybe you should stop using wood so there will be that much more for me to use.

.  +1. I live in the middle of thousands of acres of farmed pine trees. Plant, harvest, replant - just like corn only it's a lot longer from planting to harvesting.
.  Wood is renewable and also recyclable.
.  Don't waste it; use other materials where practical; but sometimes wood is the best choice.
.  PS: MDF is great stuff and is often made with "waste" wood chips, sawdust, &c. Just make sure it doesn't get wet (or even damp with the cheap stuff).

I thought that stuff was banned in the U.S. as the dust is dangerous. There was a news story around these parts some time ago asking why we still use it when it's been banned elsewhere?

Maybe not. If it was so bad I would think it would be banned here, especially after all the problems with asbestos.

All wood dusts are dangerous. The MDF hazard , other than dusts, was supposed to be formaldehyde from teh resins, but that's been eliminated. Steve

i sanded my desk yesterday, i didn't wear a mask so i'm just waiting for my lung problems. (the dust like gathered up and created LARGE black spots on the sanding paper. i needed to change sanding paper twice a minute.)

If you did decks for a living, it'd be a problem ....I don't think you can use dust as an excuse not to do it in another 5 years....

I waited and waited, and I can't believe that not a single one of you said viagra.

You could go looking for waste-wood. Non-return pallets are cheap carcassing, and people do dispose of other better-quality wood. Try building-sites for anything they might have thrown in a skip or piled up to burn perhaps.


+1, either leftover scrap or older wood ripped out (though in the latter case you have to be a bit paranoid about lead, pressure-treatment, and other possible toxins).

Call it post-consumer recycling.

plastic or as mrowsalot said plexiglass it would last forever or you could use metal (doesnt handle like wood though)

I agree about MDF, but if you REALLY need somethig else than wood you could try with a soft model of plexiglass (gives a cool look).

...and create a lot more pollution than using a piece of wood.....