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i am making a overheating detector for my desktop PC, Please tell if the circuit shown below is right.? Answered

 i am using an op amp 741 for this circuit, and a thermistor with P T C .plz tell me if this circuit would work in the real life and please mark the thermistor and resistance for it, that which one should i use....
the purpose of this circuit is to ON a led and a buzzer(not in the diagram i will get to it) when the system starts to get heat up (for more than 50 degree C) and the user will known thats he should On the extra fans..plz plz indicate for any problems and advancements.


Boot your machine, enter BIOS - mine has a BIOS temperature section which does things like smart fan control, system-speaker warning and ultimately system-shutdown.
CPUs have a temperature sensor in them, you could find software that'll tell you how hot it is to 1o
There's nowt wrong with your idea, but your BIOS will do it better, and protect your CPU automatically.


Find your thermistor first - something around 10K at 25C would be nice.