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i am new to computer science world my teacher has asked us to design a project with following requirements.. ? Answered

You have to interface one memory device (2816/2716), one input port (DIP Switches) and one output port (LEDs) with 8088 microprocessor. Input and Output devices will be interfaced through 8255 PPI.

these are the requirements please guide me through it and it would be lot more if you describe in detail thnku ..


If your teacher wants you learn by learning that dead electronics no longer are used he is good.
Otherwise tell him to stuff it and use parts that are available and not older than your teacher.
In general I won't give advise on homework as this is neither the place nor the right way of doing it.

i have not ask any one out here to give me answer to my question on a plate .. I just needed a hint to start and I have understood that ...

You already have many hints and directions to go in. Select one as best answer and set to work. That way you close the question.

Why the archaic hardware ? This stuff is no longer being made. I have a legacy product with 8255s in it, they are a nightmare to source.

There are example circuits all over the internet


8255 That is a 40 pin IC if I remember properly

We have to use it with 8088 microprocessor.m it is a legacy product but we have to use it.can you help please ?

Can you provide the URL pointer to the 8088 PDF so I may review the functional pin out.

BTW are you able to program the 8088 ?

Actually our teacher want us tostart with basics ... Can you help ?

Its not "basics" its completely obsolete. You can do "basics" with ARM 32bit processors, or AVRs or 8052s or whatever. I bet its just becaise your tutor has never retrained on anything more recent than 1982 technology.

The interface is very straightforward. Look for the interfacing details for any memory mapped I/O device.

Yes there are circuits using 8255 but not 8255 used with 8088 .... If you have any idea of how to do this please help

Hint: Interfacing ANY memory mapped peripheral - like your 8255 to a processor on its memory bus uses the same process.

Further hint: How do you "MAP" it anyway ?

I'd guess the school has some rustic development systems with those old beauties.

Today some Arduinos might be a better choice.

This is an example of a 6502 with expanded memory and I/O interface

Not exactly what you want but very similar.

The more you study the diagram the more you will understand.


That's actually the one I used to build mine. i still have it in the garage, keyboard is a bit of a mess though. taught me a lot about assembly programming did that Atom.

OK your learning BUT a BIG part of that is to exercise your brain a little NO teacher simply gives their students an unprepared project, unless they don't expect you to do it.

It would be wrong to give you an answer on a plate so you can pass it off as your work.

HOW do you think you should start?

What guidance has your teacher given you.

Have you lesson material that is relevant?

What can google tell you, the data sheet for the chips is a good start.




Now YOU do the reading.

correct me if I am wrong I have to do all these connections as per the configuration and then program it according to my need .. Right .

teacher has explained us 8088 architecture but not anything about PPI ..and EPROM uptil yet maybe later on he will teach us

Get the data sheets and read them. It's all in there.

And yes, the 8088/8255 combination is archaic but the concepts are still valid if you have to expand your modern PIC/AVR whatever.

...except I'd use SPI or I2C to an expander chip, not parallel memory map it.