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i am short on pieces. please help me? Answered

I probably have enough to make some thing. I want to build a crossbow but I don't know any low piece usage ones. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase help me!


Well you could try DJ Radio's SR-L v2 Longbow. Here is the link and below on the left is a picture. If you just want a list of good Knex guns then click here for the page with the best Knex gun builders on the site (Right picture). Hope this helps!

Knex Longbow SR L v2.jpgKnexperts.jpg

thanks knexstealth. i think i'll try to build this one. bye the way, i made a group called knex slingshots AND crossbows group. care to join? sorry i dont have a link. idon't know how to.

Ok, will you choose this for the best answer? Check out my VSS, it's pretty good.

sure. in fact, i meant to but i already changed the screen.

Yay, so what is your status on your gun?

i built the gun you told me to(the longbow one) and i just didn't like it so i found tombuckey's crossbow

the longbow shot about 45 feet tombuckey's shoots about 50 with my ammo

will you answer my question for me? type in bipod and it should be there. please?

yes! absolutely! it's awesome! once you post your v2 i'm gonna build that one.

hey knexstealth, thanks for zinging my gun. Ps, longbow v1 uses even less.

im goin to be posting my crossbow v1.2 soon so yuo could try that and ill even put in a peice count in for you!!