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i am trying to put windows 98 on my phone with dosbox Answered

i have installed dosbox and the dependencies, i have put the config file in e:\data, i put the win 98 iso in e:\dos\c. and when i open dosbox it says (i think)

z:\>set blaster-0228 17 d1 t1
z:\> *something*:\d *something*\|:
drive c is mounted *something else*

i think that's what it says , where it says *something* i couldn't reada what it said
how could i install windows on my phone using dosbox?


Win 98 is obsolete and I can't see that a phone would run it anyway.


why not?
here are my specs

Processor Speed 369MHz


External Memory microSD

Internal Memory 110MB

Display Resolution 320x240px

Lol! Better recycle yor phone and buy new one. That phone is obsolete. Look at my tablet! Intel Atom quad core processor 1.2ghz 1gb memory 8gb internal memory, display resolution 1024x600.

I don't believe Win98 has display-drivers for 320x240, you could check that for a start.


no, it's to make money.

Good stuff (I forgot myself for a moment or two) - can't really help with Win98, I think you probably know best here.


i got the win 98 lite installation and installed it in win 3.1 on my phone

Hey have you tried upgrading from windows 3.1 to 95 - 98

DosBox is just a DOS emulator allowing you to play older DOS based games on newer OSs like Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. You may be able to get it to help you run windows 3.1 on your phone since it is basicly a shell on top of DOS. But any newer OS the program won't be able to do anything with it. Its not designed to run an OS. Its designed to run DOS based software on newer OSs.

don't have accounts for those websites.
someone posted on youtube and i asked

I found a couple of videos showing the phones running Windows 98. What you're missing is that they are not running the full version. They are running a version called 98 Lite.

Can you not figure it out from the website and videos? Personally if i wanted windows on my phone I'd install windows mobile or try t find a windows 8 mobile beta.

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.

mount c E:\Dos\c
mount c E:\Dos\c\w98.img

is this correct, and if so how do i install windows?