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i ate a piece of plastic a centimeter wide and 1.5 centimeters long will it pass thru regularly? Answered


better eat a few more to increase the chance that it comes out all in one go. Hopefully it's Lego that you ate, a little known fact is that if you ingest 7 or more Lego's they snap together during digestion and form the image of Jesus upon exit.

i understand ur pain i did the exact same!
i just swallowed my usb lid the day before yesterday.
its small and squishy but i'm a little concerned.
i sucked it up
i'm scared cause i nearly choked on it no jokes and it made my ribs and back hurt
but i'll be ok right?

why did you eat it???

It will pass but I wouldnt say "regularly". owwweeee!


9 years ago

Ahh, you're a goner

Yeah, you're fine. I bet your stomach acid will eat it up pretty good. I swallowed a nail when I was little and never told anybody. Nothing bad happened.

Glad to see you measured it before you ate it...

. Depends on the shape and what type of plastic it is. No sharp bits and soft plastic shouldn't do much harm. If you show signs of gastric distress or start having abdominal pains, seek professional help.

As long as it has no sharp edges, you'll be fine.