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i blew a channel Answered

i had a 2 channel mini amp and i blew one of the channels, that sucks, any help? im using it for camping an need some tunes, that would be kool. oh yeah, check out my bird, he's so kool.


Can't help with the amp, but I can give you a bit of tourist advice:

If you ever say "check out my bird, he's so kool" to an Englishman, his next statement will be prefaced by "Errrrr....", accompanied by a slow edging-away motion.

Or much eyebrow raising, I had a lot of annoyances in london, apparently the phrase 'wee bog' is rather funny, the guy has asked where th toilet was, replied, 'there's a wee bog in there', pointing. he asked did I mean a urinal, a mini toilet or something new... After explaining he laughed to the point where he nearly didn't make it to the wee bog.

And for you gents the other way across the pond, "flipping the bird" is what we say when you raise your middle finger in an obscene gesture...I think the equivalent of Italians do the flicking of the teeth or fingers under the chin or others doing the two-finger "V" sign but palm in. Even sign language has international flavor.

yeah the middle finger is well recognized in the western world, as is the shaking of the wrist to signify, well... The V is here aswell... We do know flipping the bird but generally say pulling the fingers or the one/two finger salute. it does have a fun flavour in international contexts though...

good point, im from america so, i wouldnt really know stuff like that or think of it that way, plus the picture right under it gives a hint

Um, I live in the USA too, and all through middle school on up, one had to be very careful when using the term bird.

It wasn't until later on in life that I ran into the opposite reference from across the pond. Had you not said HE, a bird when used with the possessive pronoun MY, normally refers to a girl friend.


10 years ago

Parrot? he looks awesome! (: