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i bought a stand-up arcade game and they didn't have the key to the front panel. how can I open it without a locksmith? Answered

this is a classic ms. pacman machine by the Midway company. it looks like it will take a normal key, not a round key.


Drill out the lock.

Drilling the lock is the best option here as you really wouldn't want to damage the door. You can then get a replacement cheaply on ebay with a key! haha

put a screw into the lock, then pry the whole lock out with a crowbar

Next time, you'll know to either demand the key or demand a discount for its absense.

When I was at University, we <ahem> explored the insides of various Atari games - ignoring the front panel, and going through the back.....

If you need to avoid damaging it, you could try contacting the manufacturer to see if the key is available from them (probably costly), or you could pay for a local locksmith to do the job - any competent smith should be able to open the lock in only a minute or two.

Was it cheap?
You could drill / saw around the lock, then replace the front panel or tidy-up the hole.


You could drill the  lock out.  It'll destroy the lock but then you can get the panel open and replace the lock.

You might be able to pick the lock.  Check here for instructables on picking locks.  Also you can google "lock picking' for instructions.

Good luck.