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i can't upload pictures. Answered

the system won't let me upload pictures to anything. i tried everything but i always get the "file is corrupt" thing every time. even when i try to upload from flickr.


im brand new to this site and the first time i try to change my avatar, it wont show any of the images i uploaded! plus everything is frozen. IT SUCKS!!!!

ok i just had to completely exit out and go back a couple times but it worked. as you can see.

Can you explain in a little more detail the problem you're seeing? Include the link to the page and the series of steps you took, and the result that you didn't expect. That way I can do the same thing and figure out why it's not working.


10 years ago

can someone help me... i am new and dying to post a new instructable but i cannot upload any photos to my library . i am using IE and whenever it says browse... and i click then i select a picture it comes out like: @ example.jpg @ example.bmp my computer...blank text box... browse... tag files as:blank text box...upload... ant the files are in grey text ... can someone help me???

I have a bunch of pictures in my library, but whenever I go to change the image it acts like there arent any! and also the browse button is gone on that page. I use seamonkey (mozilla) and if you can help that would be nice.



10 years ago

me too... (= :/

only tried with firefox stable though. (:

I tried uploading some pictures to one of my instructables and they wouldn't upload either.


10 years ago

tell ewilhelm (eric) about it

Hey dsman! Yeah I'm having the same exact problem too! I want to upload the image of my knex MP5k but it won't work through my computer or internet.

yea, i wonder what is happening. i want to upload picture of things and i can't. this puts all my projects at a hault.

I was having the same problem today, but on the 4th try it worked.

this was my 6th try