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i did dual monitors with my laptop, its SWEET! Answered

these dual monitors are KOOL! i'll take pictures in a sec.



I want to have 10 monitors hooked up like this...LOL!

I have a dual monitor set up for my desktop right now. In a few days I should have another monitor just like the one on the left to replace the one on the right. It's a really good monitor, but for some reason LG stopped making them and I ordered one off of ebay at the last second. For playing fps games, dual monitors SUCK though, because the cross-hair goes over both monitors in the middle.

monitors 001.jpg

So.. Do you need 2 mice? (sorry, probably a n00bish question) I just don't understand how this works.

Nope, it just makes your desktop bigger than you can display on one screen so you put another screen next to it. Takes a wee bit of getting used to but it's a very useful trick. If your computer has two video out ports (VGA or DVI), you can "borrow" someone else's monitor to experiment with. Medium sized CRTs are dirt cheap now- a shop up my street at home was giving away up to 17" ones for free and charging 10 or 20 quid for larger ones. I find double monitors the most helpful when either coding or photo editing- you can have one monitor full of your main document and all the toolbars and stuff on the other.

Ah, so it's more like an extention of a desktop?

Yes, it just extends your desktop over a wider area.

thank you for answering this

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I run dual monitors on my desktop...LOVE IT! At school, we had a projector we were trying to hook up to a computer for presentations. Since we couldn't get it to work, I just set the projector up as a second monitor...only a few people were able to grasp the concept that it was just one huge desktop, instead of the same one repeated.


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