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i dont know how to make a completely edible derby car and how to make a paper airplane, help me!! Answered

the car has to roll down a ramp at least a couple times the ramp is 8 ft long and angled at 20 degrees. the airplane has to be good and has to travel at least a couple meters


But... that's not made of vegetables...

The derby car should be fairly easy - get a hard courgette (zuccini?), cut four slices from a large carrot and carve them into equal-diameter wheels which you stick into the courgette with cocktail sticks.

(You could carve a small cockpit in the courgette, and then shave a radish to look like a pale-white head with a red crash-helmet, which you wedge in the cockpit.)

It says paper airplane and vegetable car... Sounds like scouts to me.