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i dont know what to build!! Answered

ok so i have just gone through all my electronics and i have no idea what to build i have tons of stuff from aux inputs to motors and i have an arduino to control the hole thing any suggestions on what i might be able to make i have searched the site and found lots of projects that look fun but i really need to not spend money unless its something i can reuse  i would like something that serves a purpose and not some thing that just blinks and stuff like that and if possible make it be useful (does something that most people could find hard to do or does something humans cant do and no i dont want to measure somethings speed)? i also have a laptop (dell latitude d510 its about 10 years old) to use if the arduino isnt good enough although i will not destroy the computer to use it


There are schematics for free on the internet. Have you searched for ideas yourself.

although there is alot of tutorials on that site none really seem to appeal to me i want something that isnt practical and is fun or useful all those look like something that i would use for serious electric working