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i drew designs on computer paper and want to transfer them to a t- shirt. how doi do it? Answered



8 years ago

 you can buy iron on transfer paper online or at a craft store. then, put it in your printer and print your design onto the paper. then follow the instructions on the paper package and it will tell you how to put the design on the shirt.

you could also scan your image onto the computer and follow screen printing techniques to create a legit t-shirt. I would use the screen printing method where you would perfect the image through some sort of Photoshop software. Then transfer/print this to a screen and then print onto a t-shirt. message me for more details (these are quite vague)

all you need is a computer, scanner, printer and a craft store. if you have a Joann's near you, go there and ask them where to find the iron on printer (ink or laser, depending on your printer) transfer paper. get home and scan your image you created in and print it onto the transfer paper. Then iron it onto your shirt according to the directions on the package. :)