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i dropped my gameboy ds into the toilet, help!? Answered

I reached in and grapped it immediatly and a toweled, hairdried, and Q-tipped it off. Symptoms, at first it would work with a blurry screen (with sound), then it would work (with sound) and a blank screen, and now it wont turn on and it will not accept a charge from the wall. I am thinking i will take it to slackers and have them try a new battery in mine and see if it works. Has anyone had any experience with this before, am i just completely out of luck? Does anyone want to buy a gameboy?


One thing that could be wrong is that the battery got too wet. This happens with cell phones too. Most of the time, a new battery can fix any wet handheld electronics problems.

If you have a friend with a DS, try using their battery and see if it works.

Try silica, new shoes come with them, they look like salt sachets.

 was there anything in the toilet


9 years ago

put everything into cat litter!!!! same with phones!

Oooh it might be too late but try taking out the battery and game and anything esle that will come off without to much trouble and stick it in some rice, Same with the whole ds. The rice will absorb the water like tiny amazing sponges.