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i forgot my admin pass word for my d-link wbr-2310 are there any back door passwords? Answered

its a d-link wbr-2310  i dont want to reset it cause of all the devices i have to redo




Best Answer 8 years ago

 if there were backdoor passwords... your wifi wouldnt be secure. there is not a backdoor way in. you will need to reset. if you know all of the settings, you can set it up the exact same, and your devices shouldnt need to be reconfigured... (unless the devices are special)

its cause my roommate uses it and my buliding uses it cause im the land lord and it would take so long to set it up

 by special, i meant like industrial equipment that has wierd requirements for connectivity. if you use the same wifi encryption, wifi access password, and network name, all the old devices should still reconnect

mac adresses is the main prob

 mac address filtering will trip you up... afaik, if you really need admin access, reset will be the only way to do it.

 The only way I know is to do a system defaults, you should be able to do that with the reset. Another idea is to call  tech support and see what they can do.