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i got into someone else's account without logging out or in Answered

well, I replied to a comment, then i clicked "you". all of a sudden, I find myself logged in to someone else's account. he has not posted any comments, even when i got in. i logged out, then logged in as radioactive to report this bug EDIT-it turns out that when i replied to the comment, i was logged in under the member. Oompa Loompa, if you read this, i do not have a second account and this actually has happened before


uuuuuuummm how do you send a message to someones board?


9 years ago

Who's account?

an obscure account. he has not posted anything, not even an avatar. his name is B-dog

um, about that. i have not been in the room for a while, so i am out of date

well do you remember not an ibles member? well thats now B-dog

Try logging into the account using your password, that may have caused the switch

no, it said invalid password

Ok, I was really confused.


9 years ago

Radioactive, thanks for reporting this. I'm going to PM you with some follow-on questions, hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.

Maybe someone else used your computer and forgot to log out.

no, everyone else doesnt have an ibles account. my friend from school does, but he is "the money man"