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i got this out of an old DVD player, will it provide 24V like it says? Answered

i found this in an old DVD player.
im not entirely sure that it will work like i think it will.
normally, i would just hook something like this up, and test it. but since its (probably) connected to mains, im not going to try that until im sure it does what i think it will, under extreme precaution ;)

what i think it does, is take 250V (230V is standard in europe) and down it to 24V, both on 5A. (see pictures)
i've also looked at the PDF link. wich looks like it supports my ideas.

but i always thought that transformers worked with coils, and thus would be pretty heavy. wich this isnt, the most weight is on the 2 capacitors.

so, will this work, or do i need external parts?
and if it wont work like i described, what does it do then?


Not enough parts to be a switching powersupply by the look of it. What voltage rating are those two big capacitors ?

It looks like the power supply bits AFTER a conventional transformer to me.


there was a bigass transformer in there, but i kinda cut the wires, so might be hard to recover it...

but, there is no way this could work on it own, wihout that transformer?

and btw, in the picture it says that the voltage ratings are 42WV.
i dunno what that W stands for though...


Working Volts

No, it won't work without a transformer. Its a nice little unit when you DO have one though.


then what does it add after the transformer?
the transformer gets the voltage down, add a bridge rectifier, and u got a power suply right?

does this stabilize the volt/amp output or something?

No, there's no sign of a regulator I can see. Its a bridge rectifier, with some nice fat reservoir capacitors on it.


Depending on what you're doing, the caps can be enough to filter out most of the noise and produce adequate DC. Regulators are nice, but sometimes they're overkill.

It doesn't have to be that transformer if you can't get it.  A 12 v. transformer should give you 12 v. of clean dc.

Well actually no, it will give you somewhere between 12 x 1.414V and 12 -ish...


You are absolutely correct, I generalize too much.
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