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i had this really weird dream with the person i like? Answered

Just to start it off, it was a really fudged up dream, and I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean. I've been looking around and i think i know dreams are like your subconscience regurgitating everything you see, hear, and well just everything but this is just...something else.

So basically the dream starts of with me walking out of the subway and for some weird reason I feel that some guy, lets call him bob for now, is following me, few minutes later when i walk out of the road i see the guy thats following me (like in third person) so i start running, then I see the girl i like randomly in the streets and I for some reason I brought her with me cause we were in danger or something. Then out of no where bob decides to randomly pop out in front of me so we ran up this construction building. Then again out of nowhere, i randomly have this master person protecting me and hes trying to shoot bob but bob shot him and he was like "carry on it would be safer for you" so we went down the construction site building thingy, and theres some weird ritual that makes some random other guy, lets call him ben, control your mind. Then the girl like contributed in the dance ritual thingy and i was like "noo don't we need to go" then bob comes back so i tried to bring her with me but she slapped me (lol) so i ran and ended up in the middle of an intersection and randomly 4 bobs popped out of nowhere surrounding me and they were like getting closer then i woke up.

i had this exact dream 3 times in one night and woke up 3 times as well, well i did sleep for a really long time (11 hours) if that has anything to do with it. So I am just really lost on what this means, if it even means anything..


The poor man needs a shrink! (You know the slang right?)

Ya. :-)

The guy could also benefit from a hobby... (and there's many to be found here!!!)

Too much minecraft... Cx

I'm pretty sure this is the plot to the Matrix movies.

I disagree with the Canadian. I think dreams are important, its your subconscious desperately trying to tell you something that your mind has suppressed during waking hours. I don't think you need a shrink, I think you need to analyze your dream symbolically and try to figure out what its trying to tell you.
No one else can do this for you, and if you ask others they'll most likely poo poo it, as you can see here. I wish you the best of luck.


6 years ago

Hey, are you making up these questions just so canucksgirl can get more best answers?