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i have 3 computers on a network. when running one PC all others run slower. any ideas? Answered



Best Answer 9 years ago

if you are referring to a slow internet connection, this is because the computer is using the internet. You cannot fix this, without buying a new internet connection for each computer. Think of this like a pie-graph. The ful pie is how much internet you can use at once. Each computer will start with 33% of the pie. When you go to download a file on one of the computers, that computers slice will take up a larger percentage of the pie, thus decreasing the others.

the actual "running speed" of the computer slows down when more are added to the network or load is increased. also it seems linked to download speed, if i'm "capped" the computer is absolutely slow


9 years ago

thats off...do you need them to "see" eachother? b/c you can turn off network discovery if they don't need to communicate....