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i have 3000 springs Answered

i have like over 3000 springs and get more every day. what can i do with them? they are about 1 1/2 inches long and 1/4 inch in diameter.



make a flexible sculpture r somethingor just give them to me

Hmm, what kind of strength are we talking; like those found inside of pens, or like those found inside of automobile door locks?  :-) 

looks kinda like that

Hmmm, yeah  it does seem a waste  (I have a similar problem with the plastic tracks that they bring in the packets of coffee and teas for the office machine in on.   They are so much like tracking for lights (but much flimsier) and I am having difficulties coming up with a viable way to use them.

Let me think about this for a bit......maybe someone else will chime in soon.

If the coffee packets tracks are "Flavia" brand, the can be interlocked in an octagonal tube, if you alternate the direction of each one.  The resulting tube is pretty strong, and about 1.25 inches in diameter. 

Note, it's been a couple of years since I have worked somewhere where we had one of these coffee machines, so things may have changed. I had a bout of free time on my hand one morning, and came up with this.

The rails I remember were a horizontally squished C shape, try flipping one over and sliding it in the channel from another one, repeat for 8 total.  you could put a LED light inside or make a longer one by staggering the edges.

Cool. Good luck

BTW:  I didn't see your other post about the rails, I was just reading this thread and thought I would chime in.


Oh yeah,  *sigh* I had to re-read my other post to remember I had mentioned those in there :-)   Sorry,  aging can be hazardous to your health it appears   LOL 

the can be interlocked in an octagonal tube

 Yeah I stumbled on this one day.

As for the others,  yes, I have been coming up with a lot of different "semi-ideas" but nothing approaching a "project" yet.    BTW,  did you mean to post that here, or on the forum I asked bout the Plastic rails? 

well they not as flimsy as pen springs and i dont know what car lock springs are like theyre stiff ish. theyre used to protect our vials at my work and after we get the vial out theyre trash

That's quite a pickup line...

You could stretch them out and use them to hold your tattered jeans together... Like me...

home made mattress?
moon shoes for your pets?

or you could send them to me....i love springs

First thing that came to mind was use them as a wire holder on computers to keep the wires orginized.  You could mount them on boards laying down to hold envolopes and other paper work or standing up to act as pen/pencil holders.  Just a few simple ideas.