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i have a 08 silverado LT..wondering what i need to add the radio controls to the steering wheel ..i have cruise control Answered


In my experience: (generic response not specific to your vehicle)

is the steerin wheel controls have too many connections to reasonably attach to every control circuit in your stock radio, and steering wheel controls connect with a simple car network data connection -- long story short, the steering wheel controls have a computer in them, and you need that module to communicate with your stock radio.

Good news: They can be had, and they're relatively easy to install + reprogram the radio.
Bad news: They aren't cheap. Ask your dealer, then ebay the part number.

The question is how to extend the controls from the stock (I presume) radio so they can be operated without the driver's hands leaving the steering wheel, similar to what has been done in some other cars.

Personally, my recommendation would be to go looking for a replacement radio which has a remote control harness and a control module that mounts to the wheel or column... preferably a replacement which comes with installation instructions specific to your vehicle. So I'd start by hitting J. C. Whitney and similar auto accessory catalogs. Not least because these days, mucking with the steering wheel means dealing with the airbag, which you do NOT want to get into -- you're much better off with a kit where someone else has already made the mistakes and made it as damnfool-proof as possible.

If you really insisted on doing it yourself, then assuming the radio doesn't already have a way to plug a remote into it (and I'd bet dollars to donuts it doesn't) you'd have to dismount the radio, disassemble it, figure out how to hook wires in parallel with the control switches you want to operate remotely without interfering with the existing controls, design a box to hold the remote control switches in an easily-operated layout, figure out how to bolt that to the wheel, work out how to run the cable between the two in some hidden fashion while leaving enough slack to let the wheel turn fully in both directions but not enough slack to get tangled and damaged... all of which, for me, adds up to more hours of work than any possible cost savings would be worth.

Not everything that can be homebrewed should be.

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