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i have a SPX sound system in my car, anybody have any advice?... er beside buy a new system? Answered

i recently bought a SPX audio system from pep boys.. yes i am aware that they aren't that good. but for what they cost, what i listen to, and what i want these will work fine. BUT.. they have a low and a high input. i just fed over 15 ft of 5 wire usb wire to connect the special adapter. i was just curios if anybody has messed around with this, or have used these speakers in general?, any info. would be greatly appreciated. thanks :)


i have to the same set up in my car and i believe that they are well worth the price

not 2 worry!if u bridge the speakers to the amp u get better sound,switch amp to full not low pass not high pass use amp on full then bridge speaker wires to amp u will get a richer sound!then tune amp levels to desired sound! hope this helps u1 it took me a few tries to get it the way i wanted good luck! will