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i have a airbrush...now what? Answered

well i bought an airbrush and paint but now what can i do with it . i was ganna use it to just put a basic paint on my xbox 260. but it wasnt ganna have like aiirbrush deatails just what a ratle can would do. and i dotn see how ppl do it the streem is really wide and stuff.


single action (the button only controls the amount of air) or double action ( the button slides forward and back as well as up and down to control how much paint)?


11 years ago

It probably depends on the airbrush you bought. If it's one of those Princess Auto ones, the "stream" or spray pattern is adjustable. There are a couple of different ways I have found those can be adjusted, apart from the adjustment on the brush, you can also adjust the airflow, as well as the distance from the object your painting. (Closer = smaller) You might also want to try masking off different patterns and painting them. Thats how I did my lawnmower, with lots of masking tape.


Did you buy one meant for painting houses, or general stuff?