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i have a jewelery shop(small in dimensions)...can i use a webcam which would work as cctv for me? Answered



Yes. Most video recording softwares can handle video sources from video capture cards, network video cards, and of course, the ubiquitous usb webcam.

It all boils down to what software to use. If you just want to view a camera live all the time as opposed to record, the options get simpler and cheaper. Free software has always given me trouble in this field - you usually get what you pay for.

Lastly, if you intend to record, expect to shell out a bit for a slightly more powerful computer (or upgrades) to ram and hard drive capacity. I recommend going with an external usb option that you can hide. If someone broke in, they'd steal the jewelry, camera, and computer - but the drive with the video would be secured somewhere else. :)

hey my basic aim is to record at least 9hrs (just to make d customers realise that they cant steal any item) using a webcam, if i buy an external hard disc of 500GB...is it possible..???

You should be able to fit days and days of video on 500GB.

Find the software first. Search for security camera software, and try lots before you buy. There are lots of free solutions but your mileage may vary.
I just searched this http://sourceforge.net/projects/securecam/ and its free and open source. I'm trying it myself shortly.

for sodtware, with the drivers for your camera installed, you could try Photoimpression 4, it has the ability to watch from the camera live and it can record video (i am pretty sure)

**I just tested that software, its an alarm, not a recording software. Keep looking :)


another free software, records, but doesn't do it automatically, and doesn't do cycle recording - again, if you want a real security setup you're probably looking at paying for software.

. Yep. A basic "view only" CCTV setup should be real easy. Recording is a little bit more difficult, but still pretty easy.


i have a cheap camera that is usable as a "webcam" that has software that allows you to watch live, record videos, and take pictures. the camera was only worth about $20. i dont remember where i got it though. maybe you could check some of the lesser quality products stores, or maybe a place like XS Cargo could have them. (if you are somewhere other than canada, i cant tell you the names of any stores other than xscargo)

i have modified mine to be used as a night vision camera.

hope this helps!

hey...what was the size of recorded video (of 1hr)??

With decent quality compression, a 640x480 video at 15-30 fps should run a few gigs per hour. Uncompressed it will be a few gigs per minute.

so for 12 hrs (1 night) a 160gb hdd should be enough right?

i cant quite remember, i didn't have it run for 1 hr, but i'll run it for an hour right now and then i'll tell you.