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i have a lead acid battery of 4.5 Amp 6v. i want to make a 6 leds torch so what to do. Answered

i have a battery of 4.5 Amp/h 6v. i want to make a 6 leds torch so what to do. i connect the led's with this battery so those led's are damaged.please tell me what to do or show me software about this? any thing about the calculation or attaching resister of what value




7 years ago

wikipedia says all. you did not put the resistors needed.

make sure that each resistor is in series to each led. and add them in parallel. the typical value of the resistor for each led will have to be 8-10k. they use a very very low power. so you can run it for weeks until the batteries is down. i have the same battery and i did the same error when i was new to electronics. so what i say is that we learn and progress from errors to perfection. correct me if i am wrong Steave.

The resistor is typically 150 Ohms, but otherwise you're fine.

What LED ? Specifically, what forward volt drop at what forward current ?