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i have a lot of extra working supplies lying around any ideas what to do with them except garbage? Answered

i have
-600 LEDS
-24 fans
-3 motors
-1 old broken computer
-22 speakers (differant ohms rateings)
-a small stereo amp (old pc speakers)
-3 CD/DVD drives
-5 diferant memroy RAM sticks
-1 IDE hard drive
-3 keyboards
-5 radio boomboxes
-1 old bass body and neck with pickups
-1 5 CD changer DVD player
-1 random water valve
-some old hand tools
-2 1/2 vacume cleaners
any sugestions?
im only looking for something to do with my time so if you dont have an idea dont worry about it


Jack A Lopez

8 years ago

I think Randofo wrote the book on what to do with dead computer parts. I mean he literally wrote a book on this subject. I'm just throwing that out there since a lot of your junk appears to be dead computer parts.

Regarding the old vacuum cleaners, I think you should use them as part of a forge or gasifier.

fastcar123Jack A Lopez

Answer 8 years ago

well actually evfery thing in here works just fine but thanks for book ill look that up and see what i can get so what would i ever use a forge or gasifier for


Answer 8 years ago

I think Jack meant "parts rescued from dead computers".

This illustrates why I generally recommend that people pick the project first and then invest in tools and supplies. If you accumulate the junkpile first, finding a project that fits it can be Significantly Difficult.... and it takes up space (and sometimes money) that could be invested in something productive. That's a large collection, but it isn't at all obvious what to do with it all.


Answer 8 years ago

its all good supplies that i wouldnt be able to throw out because of its condition i scavange alot of my stuff from anything that doesnt work and i have a lot of broken things that i throw out after i scavenge i just need to figure out what to do with it all

Jack A Lopezfastcar123

Answer 8 years ago

You could use the gasifier to power your car.

You could use the forge to melt down your old beer cans. 

Although I have to admit your list did not include beer cans, and the only thing there with a significant quantity of aluminum is the old hard drive.

You know, those old hard drives have powerful magnets. Maybe you could make an electric power generator from those. Power is useful.

Anyway... that's all I've got for you.  I wish you happy building!