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i have a magic mist lamp with led ligths that change . i would like it to remain blue how can i do it Answered

can i change the led bulbs? where do i get them



9 years ago

Slap black electrical tape over the other LEDs so only the blue one provides light? And/or drop in a few additional blue LEDs powered separately? Also, be sure to check the instructions; some of these color-changing-light circuits can be switched into a single color mode by turning them on and off repeatedly.


10 years ago

You can simply change the LEDs, that won't be difficult. I'm not sure what a Magic Mist lamp is, but getting to the LEDs can be difficult. These aren't light bulbs, you're not meant to be able to get at them. There is one other thing to consider. Red LEDs and blue LEDs need different resistances. Say they have a 5 volt supply, the red LEDs need only about 1.7v, while blue LEDs need about 3.2v. That means the red LEDs will have larger resistors, so simply replacing them with blue LEDs may not work. The blue LEDs may not light as the resistor might be too large.