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i have a mig welder and my welds form in balls, i have to grind them down for ages, how can i make them pool? Answered

please could any EXPERIENCED WELDER advise me?


Are you using flux core, or solid wire? If you are using solid without gas (yes, you need gas) then it will just turn into balls like you described (I know this because I was curious to know what would happen :) but if you're using flux core, try upping the amperage.

sorry i forgot to mention that its gassless, according to screwfix it is but im not sure, i recently recieved advice on this and it could be the wire speed, thanks anyway

try the minimum wire speed, and the maximum power setting. Try running a bead on a fairly thick piece of steel. Keep turning up the wire speed until it looks good. If it starts pushing back the gun then the wire speed is too fast, because it can't burn it fast enough.

. Could be a LOT of things
  • Incompatible filler
  • Amps too low
  • Dirt
  • &c
. As jtobako says, we need more info.

An EXPERIENCED WELDER is going to want to know what your settings are and what you are welding.