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i have a motherboard that can boot from usb, can i install windows to a flash drive? Answered

If i had a high enough capacity flash drive (8GB +) would i be able to install windows onto it and use it like a hard drive?
if so, would the same idea work with a SD card and a good card reader?

im asking because my motherboard is reading the flash drives faster than the IDE hard drive i have.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Yes there are "stick" versions of windows but as far as I know they are not designed for permanent day to day use. SSD drives are a special kind of flash memory chip that are specifically designed for use as a hard drive. Normal SD cards and USB sticks are not the same. They are less reliable and slower so that is why they are not usually used for on going booting. Its the constant read and write operations that will eventually cause them to fail. A better choice would be to get a PCI card that has a SATA adapter and get a good SATA drive to go with it. You will be limited to the bus speed of the PCI slot but I believe in most cases it will be a bit faster than IDE. You will not get the full speed of a SATA current generation unless you have a PCI express slot to put it in.

You can get a SATA Raid Controller and IDE PCI Card for as little as 10 bucks, check here for one.


its not that my board doesnt support sata, its that i cant afford a sata hard drive for it, let alone a 2.5" one.
the board has 2 sata ports, one is being used for the cd drive but all i had for 2.5" drives is a IDE one, and one that isnt completely reliable at that, it froze several times during the installation of a game and i know its not the rest of the hardware thats the problem, ive used 3.5" drives and there wasnt a single glitch.

i need a 2.5" drive because of space constraints, and a SSD, as nice as it sounds, is a couple hundred dollars out of my budget.

Geeks have recertified hard drives for pretty cheap. a 120 Gig for only 25. The problem is going to be the shipping. Also check eBay.
I have used recertified drives and had no trouble with them. In fact sometimes they are more reliable than the new ones. They have already been burned in and then fixed.

estimated 5 bucks shipping to me. Thats not to bad.

im not much of an online buyer since i dont have a credit card or paypal.
i used to have a 160 gig hard drive i got with my laptop that was "broken", and it worked fine, but i accidentally sold it amongst a box of computer stuff :s