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i have a old dell latitude CP can you help me find me a way to hack mod it? Answered

its a dark navy blue almost black type color its a microsoft windows 98 second edition genuine intelpentium processor 32.0 mb of ram its a fast computer i never conect it to the internet it has a 1902MB (1.9 gigabytes) on hard drive



Best Answer 8 years ago

that looks like an old Gateway Solo series computer...i would look into linux, but your choices will be limited by RAM and CPU power

Use puppylinux. It is super light and will run fast on any computer. An old Ubuntu distro might work as well, but I like puppylinux because it boots fast off of a flash drive.


8 years ago

Well, to hack it you could use an ax, a hatchet, or a maul if in a pinch. To mod it you could recycle it, that would modify it's appearance.