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unfortunately, this question is completely unrelated to instructables and it's DIY nature. i am turning 16 in april and was wondering about getting a job over the summer. if possible i wanted to get a job at the apple store near where i live (is it true you get a free iphone/laptop if you work there?) i would never pay for an iphone or macbook or anything expensive for that matter (i have no money) but seeing as it would be free, a job there would be awesome. anyway, i was wondering what kind of experience you would need in order to work there. i was assuming that they'd want me to have some sort of experience around apple gadgets and mac software. the only one im familiar wiht is the ipod. :-) the apple store iw ant to work at is in the mall. i was wondering if i'd be able to be a stock boy at least or something (if they even have one) anyway, i was just curious....oh and best buy too. there's one coming in and was wondering what kind of experience i'd need. it's a big store so i assumed id just stock things all day. if anyone knows about working at the apple store or best b uy, thanks for answering my question if you do. other (funny) comments are welcome, too. and for all you photographers out there: i want to buy a cheap slr and buy a nice lense for it. i want a canon rebel xti then later on buy a super awesome lense for it (seeing as the lense is much more important) is this a good idea? i'm really fond of canon and like the xti becuase it's decent and it's fairly cheap. what wouild be a good lense? i'd be using it for everyday camera taking and occasional art picturizing. am i making the right decision in doing this?


best buy would be easiest, they would hire you as a stockboy because cashiers have to be 18 i think(so they can send you to big boy prison when you steal all the money) the apple store is gonna want a resume

Have you thought of just going to the store and asking? Take a copy of your resume with you (single side of A4, just the facts) and a covering letter, in an A4 envelope, to leave with the manager if he's too busy to deal with you, or in case he has an opening in the future.

Be prepared to give reasons why a) you want any job and b) why the Apple store specifically? Do not say "it's for the freebies"!

LOL i know. thanks for the help haha. that's some good tips you got there. i just realized, i don't really have a way of getting there, so i'm probably going to stick with best buy. :-) thanks a lot, kiteman, you rock.