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i have a science project competition to attend but i don't know what to build and how to build it.? Answered

i need to construct something for a science project but i don't know what to construct and how to construct it.


If you want something that is fairly simple to build then try a flyback transformer driver. They make 30000v purple arcs and are simple to build and they guarantee a good mark. BE CAREFUL HOWEVER, 30000v IS ALOT OF POWER EVEN AT LOW AMPS AS IT IS BUT CAN STILL KILL! I HAVE ONE I HAVE BEEN SHOCKED BY IT AND IT IS LIKE A TAZER! IT IS UNLIKELY TO KILL BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE! Also if you are good with electronics you can audio modulate this and they sound awesome listening to your tunes coming from a purple arc. The transistor to drive this can be obtained off the internet easily. Contact me if would like to know where to find one.

Phil B

9 years ago

I often told my children they should do an illustration of all of the things Bernoulli's principle does and explains. They ignored me and turned it into a joke. But, Bernoulli's principle explains how carburetors and perfume atomizers work. It explains how sailboats tack and flags wave in the breeze. It explains how airplanes fly and how curveballs are curve.

You should really use the search function on this site, but see if this guide gives you anything useful.